3rd Sector Services

Finding affordable solutions for ICT can be really hard at the best of times, but for small charities and 3rd Sector organisations with limited resources, it can seem almost impossible. You still need all the resources of a much bigger business but have to acheive it with much less – because of this, we have designed a range of services which offer everything you need at a price you can afford.

By combining our flexible support with great deals on low-cost hardware and discounted or donated software, we can provide a range of ICT services from simple computer setups to fully integrated nework solutions – presented as either a capital investment (up front) cost, or as a lease-hire (ongoing revenue) or rental agreement, depending on what suits your organisation best.

All of our servers and PC hardware is built to your specification, so we can alter the costs accordingly and make sure that each installation suits your requirements perfectly. Ongoing support is built into our agreements, so you will never have to worry if something goes wrong.

If you need tablets or mobile devices, either for public use or for administration purposes, we can advise, supply and configure your equipment and offer a comprehensive range of high-class mobile and desktop security packages to suit your budget.

For larger community venues or halls, Image_GateDefender_Performa_eSerieswe can offer professional Public Access WiFi solutions, pre-configured to your exact requirements, giving you complete peace of mind when providing public access to users of all ages.

So dont dispair – whatever your situation, we can find a solution that fits.