Superfast 4G Broadband For Business

Rural 4G Broadband Solutions for South Wales

Rural areas in Wales may never get decent broadband whilst we wait for exchanges to be upgraded, copper to be replaced and large providers who simply cannot justify the costs to reach small pockets of DSL stranded communities in and around the Welsh countryside.

4G on the other hand, offers a green, affordable way to deliver broadband without the need to dig up roads in order to lay infrastructure and wireless offers a new copper-free way of life.  No ties to line rentals and blisteringly quick 4G speeds.

Our 4G internet services are available almost everywhere where you can get a mobile signal, if you can see 4G on your phone we can deliver it to your building, even if you can’t – often a survey from a high spot on your house will pick up a signal.

ResQ IT & Telecoms 4G antenna

We are also able to provide individual connections to the internet using wireless and wired services, please contact us for more information.